Heart Noggins PVC Bracelet with Flash Drive

$ 14.50

It's true that most people come with 2 eyes, 2 ears, and a nose. We all have hair on our heads, some of us will lose them as we age, and there's even those who have hairs that extends throughout their entire bodies. All humans have similarities, and in short that's exactly what makes us people. But there is a special trait that makes us individuals, and unique from each other. Personalities are that 'it' factor that adds spice to a mundane life. So what's different about who you are? Are you a master pastry chef, a laid back hipster, or can name every U.S president in alphabetical order? Well the Heart Noggins PVC Bracelet with Flash Drive can represent everything you are and more. Plus it doubles as a functional bracelet and 2 GB USB Flash Drive so you never have to forget those important files ever again. Your grades, and your parents will thank you for it.
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