I Love Nerds Tee

$ 24.00

Although they aren't always the best looking or even very socially adept, dating a Nerd does have its upside. For one thing, they will worship the ground you walk on, there is never a dull conversation, and being a future billionaire also adds a few brownie points. Throughout history, being a nerd usually meant that you would be given a daily dosage of wedgies, swirlies, and the forfeiting of the lunch money. Give a guy a guitar and he'll never go to bed alone ever again, but switch it out with a pocket protector, and he'll be lucky if his mom tucks him in good night. But times have changed, and now being a nerd is suddenly cool, and there's never been a greater time to be alive. The I Love Nerds Tee by David and Goliath features a graphic of a heart wearing nerd style glasses, and the words 'I heart nerds'.

  • 52% Cotton/48% Polyester 
  • Machine Wash Cold 
  • Model is 5'5" and wears a size S
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