Laker Shades

$ 8.00

Being in my teens, I fell in love with the Lakers when they were the organizations underdog team. At that time Magic Johnson contracted HIV, and had left, leaving Eddie Jones and Nick Van Axel to hold down the fort. I followed the Lakers religiously through their highs and lows from the beginning of the season to the end. A few years later Kobe and Shaq reinvented the Lakers to be a dominant force in the league, which caused insane fans to trash LA, and luke warm employees to play hookie during the Championship Parade. It was the good times, and the Lakers are still a strong team today as they ever were. So why just blend into the crowd of fans when you can stand out and support your Laker Team? You never know, you might spark the gaze of your idol, Kobe Bryant. the Laker Shades is anti-glare and 100% UV protection.
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