Pencil Pusher Frames

$ 10.00

We all know you were the last one in high school to be cracking open a book and actually learning something. But let's face it, times have changed, and now it's not only good to be smart, but it's actually a great Fashion statement. Maybe it's because nerds of the past are now today's Billionaires, or because the hipsters have turned around the conventional wisdom that nerds are uncool and need to be given a daily dose of swirlies.But It's still true that studying is not fun, and can add a lot of stress to your daily grind, but that doesn't mean you can't look great while doing it. The Pencil Pusher Frames would add just the right amount of geek chic to make you the bell of the ball at the library. Anti-glare and 100% UV Protection.
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