Sweet Treats PVC Bracelet with Flash Drive

$ 14.50

It's every kids dream to eat nothing but ice cream and dessert everyday. Whenever the ice cream truck sound it's music like a siren, the children comes racing down the street dragging their parents with all their might. You can't get more popular and creepier than the ice cream man, selling off their sugary treats like crack. They get you hooked while you're young, and it takes a hold over your life, until you are 300 lbs and spiraling out of control. But even though we're aware of what it can do, how are we able to resist those colorful cute faces that just screams 'Eat Me'. The Sweet Treats PVC Bracelet with Flash Drive by David and Goliath is a bracelet that doubles as a 2GB USB Drive so you will never forget your important documents ever again.
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